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Reasons to Visit a Chiropractor After an Auto Accident

Massage Puyallup

Where can I get a quality chiropractic massage in Puyallup?

Injuries after an auto accident become obvious in due course of time. Some of them affect you instantly after the accident but some show up after few days, months and even years. The injuries that become apparent after sometime require more careful attendance of some experienced professionals who can focus on not only the symptoms of the problem but also on the basic cause of your problem to provide you relief for long term. Muscles, spine, nerves and soft tissues are among the most affected areas after an auto accident. Massage Puyallup offers the most effective way of treatment through chiropractic care. Chiropractic massage helps in identifying and diagnosing the problem in the affected areas even after decades of the occurrence of the accident. They use latest chiropractic techniques to relieve the damages caused by an accident.


Benefits of massage therapy provided in Puyallup

  • Chiropractic massage relieves sore and tight muscles causing hypersensitivity and injury to the soft tissues due to obstruction in the supply of blood in to them.
  • Helps in relieving entrapment of compression in the nerves pressed by cartilages, bones or soft tissues.
  • Deactivates the trigger points of Myofascial pain including the areas that transfer pain to other parts of your body like high neurological activity areas etc.
  • Decreases inflammation and pain by restoring the strength and suppleness in your muscles and improving their functioning in general.
  • Improves circulation and reduces stress important to keep you healthy continuously. The lymph and blood in your body not only nourish large amount of its cells but also carry away the waste eliminated by these cells out of your body.
  • Helps to improve the mobility of your digestive system.
  • Aids in increasing the range of motion and flexibility of your muscles to restore their normal range.
  • Allows your nervous system to become more peaceful by developing their sense of touch by activating millions of touch receptors in your skin that relay message to De-stimulate and relax your muscles to your brain.
  • It improves the coordination and posture of your body parts

I feel fine. Why would I need a chiropractor?

Chiropractic massage is a cost effective treatment of injuries that may have been caused by an accident even if they appear after many days of the incident. One can return to normal life without spending lots of money on recovering from acute neck, back and headaches along with sprains and strains in the muscles of your body. Seeing a chiropractor may help in preventing the chances of chronic pain in the future by eliminating the problem completely by dealing with their basic cause effectively. It has been proved scientifically that chiropractic massage can relieve more than 75% of trigger points causing pain in the soft tissues due to injuries related to an accident.

Chiropractic massages cost much less than hospital visits

Chiropractic massage may relieve pain caused by an accident along with saving lots of money of the clients. Thus, the increasing awareness about the effectiveness of chiropractic massage can help individuals in handling the various pains within the soft tissues of their body after an accident by visiting a chiropractor in Puyallup. Our office is located next to Kirk’s Pharmacy on Sunrise Blvd E between 110th Ave E and 118th Ave Ct E.

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Divorce Attorney Tacoma

Need the services of a divorce attorney in Tacoma?

Divorce Attorney Tacoma

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Our lawyers know divorce law

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Exercise and Chiropractic Care: Together at Last

Our chiropractor in Vancouver Wa provides a merging of disciplines

Chiropractic Adjustment Vancouver WA
When it comes to a chiropractor, Vancouver, WA patients are frequently finding that their chiropractors have branched out. Substantial growth has been made in the chiropractic community regarding the best methods of care. Integration a full holistic approach to the body and exercising integrated lifestyle changes in addition to spinal adjustments has been helping patients to achieve incredible results. One that patients frequently find as of late is the inclusion of an exercise regime. This isn’t just for the serotonin burst and aid to overall health—for a chiropractic patient it can have a very specific purpose.

Our chiropractic center gets to the core of the issue

Many patients frequently seek chiropractic care for back and lower back pain. This can occur for a wide variety of reasons, but whether it was the cause or not, it can lead to the weakening of specific muscle groups. Slouching, incorrect posture, frequently lying down or maintaining specific positions because they provide a small degree of comfort—these small shortcuts to relief can add up over time and contribute to the problem in a big way.

That’s because these actions can cause the muscle groups that are necessary for spinal support to weaken over time. This weakening can then exacerbate the pain leading to more of the behavior and an ever tightening cycle. Exercise can help put an end to this cycle. By taking the necessary steps to strengthening these muscles, patients can help their own bodies to keep their spines in alignment. The exercises must be tailored for the individual though. Weaknesses can occur in a number of places. If the exercises don’t help to strengthen the right area other muscles may work to fill in the gap in support. This can lead to additional problems.

It all begins with the abdominal muscles

One of the major areas of focus are the abdominal muscles that make up your “core”. Though you might be used to the image of a roaring six pack, this isn’t actually indicative of a strong core. Because the muscles lie further back in the body, much closer to the spine, a truly well-worked core wouldn’t result in nearly as much definition. The core is composed of over 4 different muscle groups that work together to stabilize your abdominal area and lower back.

Studies back the benefits

  • A clinical study tracking specific deep abdominal muscle exercises found a statistically significant reduction in pain levels and function improvements in those with back pain. These benefits were maintained after a 30 month follow-up.
  • A UK study found that manipulation paired with exercised created a moderate benefit that lasted 3 months with a minor benefit after 12 months. Their disability scores were significantly reduced after treatment from their initial number.
  • Several studies including one performed by the Toronto General Research Institute have concluded that individually designed exercise programs may provide improved function and reduced pain for sufferers of nonspecific lower back pain.

How does long-term neck and back pain develop?

These pain areas can occur due to a number of different factors. Long-term problems may develop due to an injury that healed incorrectly, repetitive actions, poor posture, and more. These can cause muscular support groups to weaken over time which can actually exacerbate the problem. This leads to a spiraling problem that can serve to make itself worse over time.

Are chiropractors better than drugs for certain pain?

Chiropractor Vancouver WA
One of the most interesting findings is one in a study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine. They found that in a study of 272 adult patients with neck pain, both exercise and spinal manipulation provided an equally effective treatment for pain that was more effective than medication after a 12 week period and as much as a year later.

These studies frequently show that when combined, physical exercise and spinal manipulation can provide incredible relief for a wide variety of different spinal and muscle related ailments. That isn’t the only benefit a patient can enjoy when they engage in rehabilitative exercise however.

Taking advantage of exercise for better everyday living.

  • Improve multiple areas – One of the major benefits you’ll enjoy by engaging in chiropractor guided exercises is an improvement in areas you aren’t focusing on as well. Muscle groups work together, so even if you target one area you will increase the definition and strength of others. This can even be done as a preventative measure to reduce the likelihood of problems in other areas.
  • Retrain muscles after injury – Muscle damage can take longer to heal than you may even realize. When muscles are damaged it isn’t in the same way a cut is. Instead of coagulant filling in you’ll likely encounter injuries caused by micro-tearing or major tears. Muscle fibers have to regrow around the damaged areas and can require months to heal. Therapeutic exercises can help to retrain and strengthen these damaged muscle groups after they have mended enough to support it.
  • Cure long term problems – Exercise is a long-term strategy. No matter how long you’ve been experiencing a problem, exercise can work to reverse it. It will take work, but results will be achieved much more quickly when working towards healing an area than when alternative behavior aided in the current damage.

Why choose a chiropractor to help create an exercise regime?

There are some great reasons to choose a chiropractor to guide your exercise regime. With an in-depth knowledge of the body, muscular structure, and how your muscle groups work together in order to cause or alleviate areas of pain, they can structure your workout to target these specific areas. They also have the necessary equipment and expertise to properly assess your current issues. An instructor at a gym might know how to help you grow certain muscle groups, but if you are in pain they likely will not know which exercises will make it worse, and which will make it better. A chiropractor can identify the right exercises for you, so that you can avoid risk while improving your current condition.

What chiropractic exercises can I do on my own?

There are a number of different exercises you can do that can help improve various muscle groups. If you are currently suffering from pain, it’s best to consult with a chiropractor before beginning an exercise routine. That way you won’t be performing any exercises that could potentially further existing injuries.

Princeton University has compiled a number of exercises that can help improve your lumbar/core strength and stability. These fall into two different categories, and some of them may require the use of a band, towel, or additional aid.

Flexibility exercises can be performed in any manner desired, though if you experience any pain during an exercise you should stop immediately.

Strength exercises occur over three levels, from easy all the way to hard. This progression makes it easy to create a balanced workout.

Now that you know, choose our chiropractor in Vancouver WA today!

Now that you know the benefits of long-term exercise and chiropractic care it’s time to investigate it for yourself. Your local chiropractor can help you determine what methods are the best to help with your pain relief. Even if you’ve suffered for many years, it is never too late to start on the road to recovery.

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Fighting Migraines with Chiropractic Treatment

Are chiropractors a form of alternative medicine?

Well you might not realize it, with a chiropractor Vancouver, WA residents to the citizens of Melbourne Australia have been finding migraine relief with chiropractic treatments. Anyone who has suffered from a migraine knows they aren’t anywhere close to a regular headache. Symptoms are much more severe and are frequently incapacitating. Many standard medical remedies have little to no effect or waning benefits. In cases like these, alternative medicines can provide relief where traditional medicine has failed. Before we consider the latest alternative to migraine pain let’s look at the structure of a migraine headache.

What causes migraine headaches?

Chiropractor Vancouver WAThough there is not an accepted and agreed upon medical cause of migraine headaches there are known triggers. These triggers vary from person to person and may be responsible for the onset or worsening of a migraine. Migraines have been found to be hereditary and can be passed down. Children have a 50% chance of having migraines if a single parent has them. This number is even greater when both parents are sufferers.

There are a variety of known triggers for migraine headaches. These can include a number of things that include:

  • Headaches related to changes in hormone levels due to menstruation.
  • Drink and food triggers like the tyrosine-derived tyramine.
  • Poor quality sleep and overall sleep deficiency.
  • Weather changes like pressure changes may trigger episodes.
  • Certain medications may be the cause of migraines.
  • Caffeine and stress can both be major triggers.

Migraine symptoms can be alleviated through chiropractic care

Symptoms can occur before and during a migraine. Many sufferers frequently cite mood changes, stiffness, yawning, urination and thirst as well as food cravings as many as several days before a migraine. During a migraine, auras may present themselves. These may present as visual, audio, or motor control related symptoms. This includes vision loss, speaking difficulty, hearing or seeing flashes and noises that aren’t there, or jerking movements.

During a Migraine Attack

    • Sensitivities may include sound, light, and even touch or smell. This causes many sufferers to lie in a darkened room until the migraine passes.
    • Pulsing or throbbing pain can occur in and around the front and sides of the sufferers head.
    • Nausea can occur. This may lead to vomiting.

    • Vision frequently blurs.
    • Fainting and lightheartedness are very common.
    • Dizziness and an unusual change in appetite.

The Chiropractic Migraine Connection

There is a major connection between chiropractic work and a reduction in both the instances and severity of migraines. Since it’s unknown what exactly causes migraines and chiropractic work frequently focuses on adjusting nerve pathways, it may correct problems like pinched or constricted nerves.

One study found that 22% of patients receiving chiropractic adjustments in order to reduce their migraines had a 90% reduction in attacks. 49% also reported a major reduction in the intensity of their migraines. This study was performed as a randomized study with a control group at the Chiropractic Research Center of Macquarie University. Including 127 participants from 10 to 70 it confirmed the results of previous and similar studies.

Dr. Peter Tuchin, the chiropractor who performed the study said that, “I think the vast majority of medical practitioners are now open to chiropractic, but there’s a very small percentage who don’t realize what developments we’ve had, what inroads we’ve made.”

“Chiropractic is not the be all and end all, but for a good percentage of migraine sufferers the neck is a significant contributing factor, and for them chiropractic treatment is really effective. I’m not saying that everybody’s going to be cured, but there’s very little to lose.”

Another study found that chiropractic care could be equally as effective as medication for preventing and treating migraines. This makes it an incredibly cost-effective and valuable tool for migraine sufferers. Many insurance plans also cover chiropractic visits. Patients may even be able to get coverage beyond their initial visit limit when treatments are related to migraines.

How can a chiropractor help with your migraines?

Chiropractic Medicine Vancouver WAThere are several different areas your chiropractor will focus on. Reducing migraines doesn’t just mean proper adjustments. There are a number of avenues to pursue and with the help of your chiropractor you can pursue them intelligently. This means focused identification and ruling out of critical factors. Some of the areas your chiropractor may work with you include:

Triggering Factors: One method to determine your triggers is to keep a very detailed diary. The diary should note times and consumption levels for various food, drink, and alcohol as well as sleep cycles, physical exercise, stressors, and additional areas. These help provide a diagrammatic description so that can help you locate patterns of behavior that may be leading to the cause of exacerbation of migraine symptoms.

Look for a chiropractic office with a nutritionist on staff or who has experience with nutrition. This will allow you to formulate a dietary plan in the event foods are found to trigger your condition. Getting everything you need form a single practitioner doesn’t just save you time and money. Keeping your records in one place ensures aspects of your condition aren’t overlooked. Overlooking variables often happens when patients use multiple specialists. One may know or try something the other doesn’t know about. This can harm the results of both.

Lifestyle Factors: For some migraine sufferers part of the problem may lie in their lifestyle. Lack of exercise may be a factor as well as sleep patterns and meal consumption. Diaries and careful adjustments can help narrow down the potential scope of lifestyle factors that can contribute to the problem. A chiropractor can help guide you on the road to recovery and identify any trends you may be missing. This can help divide lifestyle factors that are innocuous from those that are causing migraines.

Stress Factors: Stress can be a major factor where migraines are concerned. In addition to utilizing the diary, chiropractic services can actually help reduce short and long-term stress. Eliminating stress as a factor can severely reduce the length and severity of your migraine headaches. Your chiropractor may recommend additional services like massage therapy. These can also help patients suffering from migraines.

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Top Rated Spots for Boating

Boating is a favorite recreational activity for anybody who loves to chart the great waters and spend some time appreciating the beauty of the horizon and the great scenery that surrounds the location. From the pristine clear waters of Hawaii to the exciting fishing in Alaska, boaters can find more than enough to keep them busy, and happy, in the vast and the beautiful Pacific Ocean. Below are some of the good areas to go boating:

Norfolk Broads

A waterways holiday on the Norfolk Broads with the family can be the perfect get away for a fun-filled weekend, or over the week for a longer break. Marinas are introducing new boats to their fleets all the time, with new homely comforts, furnishings and mod cons such as bow and stern thrusters. Other features include solar panels and eco hulls as we become a more environmentally conscious society. The eco hull reduces the amount of splash created by the boat, which also increases the fuel efficiency on the boat, so good news all round!

Boating on the Northern section of the Norfolk Broads, the waterways are dotted with riverfront pubs and restaurants, as well of plenty of land-based family activities. Whether you are mooring up to explore nature reserves in more detail, visiting animal safari parks or adventure parks, there is plenty to see! In a short break, you can see all of the Northern Broads and visit Great Yarmouth sea front.


Many boating spots in Louisiana makes it a great place to go boating. Lake Claiborne State Park is one of the boating destinations in Louisiana. It has a vast lake which you can access using the different public boat ramps that are within the area. Boat fishing can be done in the place, and there are a lot of species of fish that you can catch.

Bayou Cocodrie National Wildlife Refuge is another option that you can have when you want to go boating in the state. It is a very wide area and migratory fowl choose it as a habitat at certain seasons. You will be able to pass through Blackwood forests which are unique for the area.


The Alaskan coast is world-renowned for saltwater sport-fishing. The charters for salt-water fishing offer Half-day, full-day and multiple days excursion, and most island communities and lodges offer a charter service. Everything from the actual fishing, enjoying the scenery and caring for your catch can be an amazing part of your island hopping adventure. Also, you can opt for other types of fishing that you can do while boating like remote fishing and road system fishing in rivers, lakes, streams and coves.

Those who go boating in Alaska are well rewarded with views of pristine seaside cliffs and majestic glaciers, as well as getting to see such beautiful sea animals as otters, sea lions, and whales.


If you wish to go boating in these locations, you must make sure that you bring all the necessary equipment that you need. Life vests are very important especially when you wish to do this water activity. Finally, make sure to check the corresponding regulations and permits for your intended fishing excursion.

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