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Exercise and Chiropractic Care: Together at Last

Our chiropractor in Vancouver Wa provides a merging of disciplines

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When it comes to a chiropractor, Vancouver, WA patients are frequently finding that their chiropractors have branched out. Substantial growth has been made in the chiropractic community regarding the best methods of care. Integration a full holistic approach to the body and exercising integrated lifestyle changes in addition to spinal adjustments has been helping patients to achieve incredible results. One that patients frequently find as of late is the inclusion of an exercise regime. This isn’t just for the serotonin burst and aid to overall health—for a chiropractic patient it can have a very specific purpose.

Our chiropractic center gets to the core of the issue

Many patients frequently seek chiropractic care for back and lower back pain. This can occur for a wide variety of reasons, but whether it was the cause or not, it can lead to the weakening of specific muscle groups. Slouching, incorrect posture, frequently lying down or maintaining specific positions because they provide a small degree of comfort—these small shortcuts to relief can add up over time and contribute to the problem in a big way.

That’s because these actions can cause the muscle groups that are necessary for spinal support to weaken over time. This weakening can then exacerbate the pain leading to more of the behavior and an ever tightening cycle. Exercise can help put an end to this cycle. By taking the necessary steps to strengthening these muscles, patients can help their own bodies to keep their spines in alignment. The exercises must be tailored for the individual though. Weaknesses can occur in a number of places. If the exercises don’t help to strengthen the right area other muscles may work to fill in the gap in support. This can lead to additional problems.

It all begins with the abdominal muscles

One of the major areas of focus are the abdominal muscles that make up your “core”. Though you might be used to the image of a roaring six pack, this isn’t actually indicative of a strong core. Because the muscles lie further back in the body, much closer to the spine, a truly well-worked core wouldn’t result in nearly as much definition. The core is composed of over 4 different muscle groups that work together to stabilize your abdominal area and lower back.

Studies back the benefits

  • A clinical study tracking specific deep abdominal muscle exercises found a statistically significant reduction in pain levels and function improvements in those with back pain. These benefits were maintained after a 30 month follow-up.
  • A UK study found that manipulation paired with exercised created a moderate benefit that lasted 3 months with a minor benefit after 12 months. Their disability scores were significantly reduced after treatment from their initial number.
  • Several studies including one performed by the Toronto General Research Institute have concluded that individually designed exercise programs may provide improved function and reduced pain for sufferers of nonspecific lower back pain.

How does long-term neck and back pain develop?

These pain areas can occur due to a number of different factors. Long-term problems may develop due to an injury that healed incorrectly, repetitive actions, poor posture, and more. These can cause muscular support groups to weaken over time which can actually exacerbate the problem. This leads to a spiraling problem that can serve to make itself worse over time.

Are chiropractors better than drugs for certain pain?

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One of the most interesting findings is one in a study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine. They found that in a study of 272 adult patients with neck pain, both exercise and spinal manipulation provided an equally effective treatment for pain that was more effective than medication after a 12 week period and as much as a year later.

These studies frequently show that when combined, physical exercise and spinal manipulation can provide incredible relief for a wide variety of different spinal and muscle related ailments. That isn’t the only benefit a patient can enjoy when they engage in rehabilitative exercise however.

Taking advantage of exercise for better everyday living.

  • Improve multiple areas – One of the major benefits you’ll enjoy by engaging in chiropractor guided exercises is an improvement in areas you aren’t focusing on as well. Muscle groups work together, so even if you target one area you will increase the definition and strength of others. This can even be done as a preventative measure to reduce the likelihood of problems in other areas.
  • Retrain muscles after injury – Muscle damage can take longer to heal than you may even realize. When muscles are damaged it isn’t in the same way a cut is. Instead of coagulant filling in you’ll likely encounter injuries caused by micro-tearing or major tears. Muscle fibers have to regrow around the damaged areas and can require months to heal. Therapeutic exercises can help to retrain and strengthen these damaged muscle groups after they have mended enough to support it.
  • Cure long term problems – Exercise is a long-term strategy. No matter how long you’ve been experiencing a problem, exercise can work to reverse it. It will take work, but results will be achieved much more quickly when working towards healing an area than when alternative behavior aided in the current damage.

Why choose a chiropractor to help create an exercise regime?

There are some great reasons to choose a chiropractor to guide your exercise regime. With an in-depth knowledge of the body, muscular structure, and how your muscle groups work together in order to cause or alleviate areas of pain, they can structure your workout to target these specific areas. They also have the necessary equipment and expertise to properly assess your current issues. An instructor at a gym might know how to help you grow certain muscle groups, but if you are in pain they likely will not know which exercises will make it worse, and which will make it better. A chiropractor can identify the right exercises for you, so that you can avoid risk while improving your current condition.

What chiropractic exercises can I do on my own?

There are a number of different exercises you can do that can help improve various muscle groups. If you are currently suffering from pain, it’s best to consult with a chiropractor before beginning an exercise routine. That way you won’t be performing any exercises that could potentially further existing injuries.

Princeton University has compiled a number of exercises that can help improve your lumbar/core strength and stability. These fall into two different categories, and some of them may require the use of a band, towel, or additional aid.

Flexibility exercises can be performed in any manner desired, though if you experience any pain during an exercise you should stop immediately.

Strength exercises occur over three levels, from easy all the way to hard. This progression makes it easy to create a balanced workout.

Now that you know, choose our chiropractor in Vancouver WA today!

Now that you know the benefits of long-term exercise and chiropractic care it’s time to investigate it for yourself. Your local chiropractor can help you determine what methods are the best to help with your pain relief. Even if you’ve suffered for many years, it is never too late to start on the road to recovery.