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Is Hiring a Tax Preparer the Best Option for You?

Tax Preparation Chandler

How can professional tax preparation in Chandler AZ help you?

One thing that can be said about filing tax returns is that the entire process is very time-consuming. There is also the subject of intricacy and the several nuances involved in tax preparation. These two reasons are primarily why most people decide to opt for professional tax preparation Chandler, Arizona, and why having Friends to help with taxes can make a huge difference.

Why do people try to file taxes alone?

Some people are adamant that hiring a tax preparation service to file their tax returns is something they can do without. Keep in mind, however, that these people are probably accountants who already have substantial knowledge in tax preparation and, more importantly, have about 16 consecutive hours to spare. Can the same be said about the average citizen? Probably not.

There is no reason why you should not opt for a professional tax preparer. Tax preparation is understandably not the easiest of tasks, not to mention it gets boring quickly. The people that are confident that they can sufficiently handle the task often have years of experience handling numbers of such nature.

Will you be Benefiting when you hire a Professional Tax Preparer?

Definitely. Not only will you be able to continue focusing on your day to day life, you will also be assured that your taxes will be done impeccably and with consideration to the latest changes that the Congress has made to the Tax Code (over 5,000 changes have been made from 2001 to 2013, translating to nearly one change in a day). Only a professional with the right kind of experience will be able to keep up with the nuances especially when it comes to tax credits and deductions.

Also, you may not always be able to know which formulas to use to claim your taxes. As an individual with a busy life at home or work, you are more likely to get frustrated by it all instead of making a breakthrough.

There is also the matter of cost. Filing your federal taxes at home will require you to have all the necessary computer software installed. Leave alone being tech savvy, (most people are in this day and age), you will also be required to possess all the necessary tax filing software. Not all of them are completely free. Some crucial add-ons will cost you anything between $25 to 100$ to install. Some software requires constant updating or even subscription fees. While a professional tax preparer can chalk this down as the cost of doing business, the same can hardly be said about the ambitious individual who is looking to file his/her taxes on his/her own.

Navigating Tax Preparation

Even if you are alright with doing your own taxes (the tax preparation software is helpful to the point where you just need to input the right figures), there are still a few things you need to know. Most tax preparers will offer you complementary audit support, which could mean the difference between claiming your return and walking away from it.

Remember, the IRS has a three year statute of limitations that gives them the right to question your reports up to three years after you file them. Isn’t it better not to spend three years of your life wondering whether the IRS will be knocking on your door soon? The IRS aren’t your Friends; we are. Whether you live at W Ross Dr and N Federal St near the Pinnacle Terrace Apartments or at Avery on the Green by N Alma School Rd and W Mercury Way, taking the time to get taxes done right is worth the effort!

We’re You’re Local, Friendly Tax Experts in Chandler AZ!

Pick the tax preparation service to do your taxes. These professionals leave very little room for error. You may not always be more capable than a team of professionals or even a single professional who has specialized in that area for years. If you feel like you are not capable of keeping up with the lightning pace at which the Tax Code is revised, there is no shame in asking for help.