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Top Rated Spots for Boating

Boating is a favorite recreational activity for anybody who loves to chart the great waters and spend some time appreciating the beauty of the horizon and the great scenery that surrounds the location. From the pristine clear waters of Hawaii to the exciting fishing in Alaska, boaters can find more than enough to keep them busy, and happy, in the vast and the beautiful Pacific Ocean. Below are some of the good areas to go boating:

Norfolk Broads

A waterways holiday on the Norfolk Broads with the family can be the perfect get away for a fun-filled weekend, or over the week for a longer break. Marinas are introducing new boats to their fleets all the time, with new homely comforts, furnishings and mod cons such as bow and stern thrusters. Other features include solar panels and eco hulls as we become a more environmentally conscious society. The eco hull reduces the amount of splash created by the boat, which also increases the fuel efficiency on the boat, so good news all round!

Boating on the Northern section of the Norfolk Broads, the waterways are dotted with riverfront pubs and restaurants, as well of plenty of land-based family activities. Whether you are mooring up to explore nature reserves in more detail, visiting animal safari parks or adventure parks, there is plenty to see! In a short break, you can see all of the Northern Broads and visit Great Yarmouth sea front.


Many boating spots in Louisiana makes it a great place to go boating. Lake Claiborne State Park is one of the boating destinations in Louisiana. It has a vast lake which you can access using the different public boat ramps that are within the area. Boat fishing can be done in the place, and there are a lot of species of fish that you can catch.

Bayou Cocodrie National Wildlife Refuge is another option that you can have when you want to go boating in the state. It is a very wide area and migratory fowl choose it as a habitat at certain seasons. You will be able to pass through Blackwood forests which are unique for the area.


The Alaskan coast is world-renowned for saltwater sport-fishing. The charters for salt-water fishing offer Half-day, full-day and multiple days excursion, and most island communities and lodges offer a charter service. Everything from the actual fishing, enjoying the scenery and caring for your catch can be an amazing part of your island hopping adventure. Also, you can opt for other types of fishing that you can do while boating like remote fishing and road system fishing in rivers, lakes, streams and coves.

Those who go boating in Alaska are well rewarded with views of pristine seaside cliffs and majestic glaciers, as well as getting to see such beautiful sea animals as otters, sea lions, and whales.


If you wish to go boating in these locations, you must make sure that you bring all the necessary equipment that you need. Life vests are very important especially when you wish to do this water activity. Finally, make sure to check the corresponding regulations and permits for your intended fishing excursion.

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